WE can, WE will, WE are CHANGE

At Old Navy, we believe that everyone is family, that we are better together, that we all belong. We believe in the democracy of style, and a world of equality & opportunity, for everyone. Because Black lives matter, and this is what we stand for.

We know we still have work to do, and we thank our employees & communities for helping us see the opportunities for real change in the fight against systemic racism. The actions outlined below are our first steps.

For Our Employees

We know that our teams should look like the communities we serve. We are well-represented by gender, with women in leadership at all levels, but we are underrepresented in Black and Latinx employees. That’s why we are committed to doubling the representation of Black and Latinx employees at all levels in our US HQ offices by 2025. We will also double the representation of our Black and Latinx employees in functions that make and market our products to ensure we are creating for all, with all. And knowing that Black store leaders are underrepresented, we will increase Black representation in those roles by 50% by 2025.

We are committed to changing our culture so that it lives up to our values of inclusion, equality, & belonging. We will continue to provide resources, such as unconscious bias training, companywide. We will also extend the positive research we’ve already begun here in California around racial pay equity within our organization, to assess the data for all our US employees, and we’re committed to fixing any disparities we find.

For Our Brand

We are actively developing more inclusive products that represent our customers. This includes partnering with our Color Proud Council (Gap Inc.’s dedicated inclusivity initiative) on product design, merchandising and marketing to ensure we are representing the values we stand for.

We will ensure that at least 50% of the talent we work with to represent our brand in marketing, including models and influencers, are people of colour by 2021, from over 40% today. We are committed to making sure that the Old Navy you see on our platforms reflects our community.

For Our Communities

We have committed over $2 million annually to nonprofit partners, including our longtime partner Boys & Girls Clubs, to provide jobs and career mentoring to underserved youth from diverse backgrounds through our This Way Ahead Program. We’re proud of this successful program, which is 95% people of colour, and our goal is to fill 20,000 jobs from the initiative by 2025.

We joined the Open to All Leadership Circle in 2018. This pledge is a public stand against discrimination of all kinds, and reaffirms that our workplaces and stores are welcoming spaces for everyone, and it is on every door of every single Old Navy store as well as our headquarters.

We also want to empower families to join us on the road to making meaningful change in the fight for social justice & equality. We’re partnering with organizations like EmbraceRace and the NAACP to provide helpful resources in facilitating conversations about race at home and using our digital platforms to amplify the stories & experiences of our community.

This is only the beginning. We will continue to listen, learn & share our progress, along with our sister brands across Gap Inc. You can see the full list of commitments our company is making by clicking here.